Lecture 43

When I was in college I used to hang out at Jim Gamble’s house.  Often Jim wasn’t there, but that didn’t matter – I loved his folks, Virginia and Carl.

When I first met the Gambles in 1964 or so, my folks were still in Germany.  Dad was still in the Air Force and I was attending Bowling Green. (BGSU, here in NW Ohio.)

The Gambles had a farm, about 6 miles West of Bowling Green, and I loved that place.



I could show up any, and all hours of the day or night – and be welcomed.

From very early on Virgina, or Mom as I was inclined to call her, would offer ‘constructive criticism’ for me to consider.  As if I had many ‘choices!’  LOL!  After a while I noticed that I was hearing the same ‘lectures’ for the third or forth times.  It wasn’t that she was forgetful; no, not at all.  I was just a slow learner!

I will never forget however, the night I showed up around 8:30 or 9:00 PM or so, and she said, “Now Robert, I think you have forgotten ‘Lecture Number 43 again.”  When Mom began a conversation with “Now Robert…” often what followed was not good!  And so I got ‘Lecture 43″ once again that night!  Still am not sure today what exactly it was, but I got it, I can tell you that!

God I love those people, Carl and Virginia.  He put those two in my life at a time when I really needed them, and I will never let go of them…

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