Common Core Education…

It just keeps getting stupid!  I saw this last week.  It’s an explanation for why 3 x 4 = 11.


Let me put this in a “real life” example for you.  In the T-38, we fly our final turn at, ‘final turn airspeed.’  This speed is calculated by adding 1 knot (kt) per 100 pounds of fuel over 1,000 pounds, to 175 kts.  So, if you have 1,200 pounds of fuel on board, your final turn airspeed is 177 knots.

By the logic of ‘3 x 4 = 11,’ if a student can explain how he came up with a final turn airspeed of 140 knots, it would be okay.  Of course the student would be a “mort” but what the hell?  As long as he felt good about himself when he hit the ground…

Fucking morons!  My grand kids are so screwed!

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