No Haba Hamburger, Only Haba Cheesburger…

I came off a 9 -10 hour mission one evening at Korat RTAFB, Thailand in 1974.  I was tired, grimy and hungry.  All I wanted was a lousy hamburger, some fries and a beer – then to go to bed.

I got to the O’Club about 2030 or so (8:30PM  in ROTC time.)  When I ordered a hamburger, fries and a beer, I was told told, “Oh, no haba hamburger, only haba cheeseburger.”  WTF, Over?  Now I was tired, grimy, hungry and confused.  Cheeseburgers?   But no hamburgers?

It turned out that there was an excess of cheese the club officer felt they needed to use… Consequently, “No haba hamburger, only haba cheeseburger.”  I then retired into the bar that night for a “hydraulic supper”…


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