Do You Think You Could Pass a Test Like That?

Dear Ole Dad was the Base Commissary Officer at Ramey AFB, PR 1957 – 1960.  One day he saw a bit of commotion at the meat counter.  To hear him tell it, a ‘portly’ matron was raising hell with one of his butchers.  So he decided to see what the problem was…

When he approached her, she introduced herself as Mrs. “Colonel” So-in-So.”  Wrong move with Dear Ole Dad.  Anyway, he went on to ask what the problem was.

“This chicken is rotten,” she proclaimed.  She then proceeded to take the subject chicken off the counter and spread its legs.  After taking a ‘whiff,’ she then stuck her nose under  each of the bird’s wings.  “I’m telling you, this chicken is rotten!”

Without batting an eye, Dear Ole Dad looked at her and replied, “Well Ma’am, do you think you could pass test like that?”

Dear Ole Dad never did quite explain why it took him an extra year to make major…

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