My name is Bob Holliker – and I am ‘exceptional!’  I am not ‘special,’ nor deserving of anything for ‘just being,’ but I am ‘exceptional.’  As Will Sonnett used to say, “No brag, just fact!”  And I take exception with anyone who claims otherwise; specifically ‘Dear Leader,’ and now Putin!

I don’t think being ‘exceptional’ is so much about ‘what you’ve done’ in life, as it is with ‘who you are’ in life.  What is it that you stand for?  What does your ‘word’ mean to you?  What will be the ‘measure’ of your life?  The things you’ve done?  Or the folks you’ve helped out along the way?

For those of you who don’t know me, “exceptional” is defined as:



1. Being an exception; uncommon.
2. Well above average; extraordinary: an exceptional memory.
3. Deviating widely from a norm, as of physical or mental ability: special educational provisions for exceptional children.

For those of you who do know me, you will understand.

I am not alone in “being exceptional,” by any stretch of the imagination!  Every Military Brat I have ever met is exceptional – in one way or another!  NFL football players are ‘exceptional.’  Doctors and nurses – exceptional.  Teachers – exceptional.  Construction workers – exceptional.  Military pilots are exceptional.  Yep, we are all “exceptional” for who we are – Americans!  And Dear Leader and Putin can kiss my (exceptional) ass this morning!

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