My Two Beautiful Grand Daughters

Last Sunday (29/09/2013) I flew out to Colorado to visit with my grand daughters; Delaney (14) and Riley (13).  Riley was having her last volleyball game on Monday, and I wanted to see her play.

I asked Dana to keep my visit a secret so I could surprise the girls.  When I got to their house I sent the following text:

Image…and it worked like a champ!  They both came bursting out the door when they “broke the code!”

Then we all piled in my rented “girly-man” car and went shopping.  Delaney was so amused with the sound emitted from the automatic door-locking system on that little, bitty Kia – not me!  It was pitiful, and we all laughed about it!  Oh well, how fun it is to go shopping with these two!

When we got home Grampa Bob needed a quick ‘combat nap’ before reporting to the kitchen for cookie duty.  All 3 of us got into the act, and again, it was fun!  And I think I was able to teach them a thing or two about baking, although I will never understand why Riley opened the chocolate chips bag “lengthwise?”  Had never seen that before… and hope I don’t ever see it again!  LOL!

The next night Riley had her last game of the season.  I so enjoyed “being there” with them.

Image 2

Riley and Grampa Bob, 30/09/’13

Riley at 13, is now taller than me.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and is a beautiful girl.  She is just so much fun to be around.








Image 3

Grampa Bob and Delaney



While Riley took care of business out on the court, Delaney and I ‘held down the fort’ in the bleachers!  I love challenging this kid’s wit!  She makes me laugh!

Unfortunately the game didn’t come out as any of us would have liked – bummer.  But regardless of the score BOTH of these girls will always be “Winners” in my mind!




After the game we all went out to dinner, and I got to sit with the girls!

Image 1

In this picture you can see the ‘happiness’ on my face, as I feel it in my heart.  I am so proud of them both, and am looking forward to another trip to Colorado.  Hopefully, soon!  I am so blessed…

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