Sending Dear Ole Dad Downtown

There was NO WAY I could ‘take on’ Dear Ole Dad when I was a senior in high school.  He was just too big and too mean and too nasty.  And by that time I had taken so many poundings throughout the years – you know, those “teachable moments” – I just didn’t just want to take him on.  But I was developing a ‘passive-aggressive’ behavior at the time that was to serve me very well in the ensuing years.

One night I was “having a few pops” downtown Wiesbaden.  I decided to call Dear Ole Dad for a ride home.  He agreed to come get me, then asked for the address.  I told him, without reservation, that I was at the corner of Einbahnstraße und Sackgasse!  That would be at the corner of ‘One Way’ and “Dead End!”  And I KNEW exactly what I was telling him!  Sent his ass all over town looking for me that night and I walked home!  And it was a most enjoyable walk I might add…

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