There is Always One…

There is a rule in woodworking, and I suspect in other genres of creation – the rule of: “There is Always One.”  I think it an ancient rule.  Simply what this means is, if you are engaged in a project of some kind or another, wherein you need to make multiples of something, there is always one that will not fit.  There will always be one that will come out “not quite right.”  Like it was made by itself, in Korea – the Land of “Not Quite Right.”  Whether it be 2 of something, or 30 of something – there is always one that won’t fit.  I know this from years of woodworking myself.

If you are baking cookies, there will always be one sheet that will just not be “quite right.”  Just the way it is.  I used to get real pissed off at crap like this, but today it is “resignation.”  When I come across it these days, I recognize it for what is is, and keep going.  I have even been able to laugh at it upon occasion.

So, if you’re fixin’ to do something here, and you need to make 50 “what-nots,” just know, one will not fit.  And that’s okay – i’s just the Rule of “There is Always One” kicking your ass!

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