The “Official White Christmas”

Heard on the news here of late, that it isn’t an “official” White Christmas unless there is a minimum of 1 inch of snow covering the ground.  YGBSM!  Who came up with this shit?  A minimum of 1″ of snow on the ground?

This is what it looks like outside my front window this morning (26 Dec. 2013):


And it’s kinda like what it looked like yesterday.  Okay, so I went out and measured it this morning – there is 7/8″ of snow out there.  And it kinda looks ‘white’ to me…

And so I wonder, who came up with this shit?  This “official” definition of a White Christmas?  Who was on the committee?  What interests were served?  And most important, why would “they” think I would care anyway?

Look outside – it’s WHITE!  And, it’s Christmas!  That’s all I need, or ever have needed!

One inch of snow to qualify to be an “official” White Christmas!  Kiss my ass!  (I think it’s white!  LOL….)

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