What Are the ‘Treasures’ You Would Take to the Lord?

Last year at Christmas, I gave each of the kids, my kids and grand kids, a small wooden box.  I was inspired by the song, “The Littlest Angel,” by Bing Crosby – my favorite Christmas carol.  Each little box was unique, with wood chosen specifically for the person I built it for.  And as I made the individual boxes, I was “with that person;” wondering what ‘treasures’ they would take to the Lord…


To get the kids started with their ‘treasures,’ I included one of mine with each box – again, specifically selected for that special kid.  Nothing of any “great value,” but treasures of mine just the same.  The broken set of wings I was awarded upon graduation from pilot training, my university class ring, an old flight glove (worn on my last flight in the USAF), and so forth.  Things that held value to me, for I wouldn’t have kept them all these years… And I was happy to part with these ‘treasures,’ for these kids are special to me.

I think the carol touches me because when I hear it I feel a sense of deep ‘humility.’  I feel love.  Some years it was tough for me to listen to it as I didn’t “feel worthy;” but not here of late…

This year I had the occasion to build another box for a dear friend.  I built if of “barn siding.”  I like the way it came out so much I decided to build one for myself.  As I was building mine, I wondered what “treasures” I would put in it.  I thought I had given all of mine all away.

This is the box I made for myself:


In it is a set of USAF Senior Pilot wings (representing my time as a T-38 IP), a Hamilton watch given to me in 1958 by my grandfather, another old flying glove, the ‘Gold Key’ from my parachute (this is the “zero-delay lanyard” attachment to the parachute), a few pictures and some old unit patches.  These things all represent significant people and events in my life that I will “give back to the Lord” someday… for I am so grateful He gave me the opportunity to experience them.

So, if I make a small box for you, what treasures would you take to the Lord?

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