Noah’s Arc – 1

Yesterday I began “Noah’s Arc;” I began to build a canoe for Noah.  I am also going to build one for Evan when I finish with this one.  (His will be called “Evan’s Rude.  If you know him, you’ll most certainly understand why!  LOL)

The canoes I am going to build are ‘Tadpoles.’  Great “starter” canoes.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 6.08.13 AM


They are just over 12 feet long, good for a kid to learn from.

These will be the 3rd and 4th canoes I have built.  (I have also helped with 3 others.)  People tell me, “Oh, I could never build one of those – I don’t have the patience.”

Well, you know, they are probably right – they can’t build one.  First of all, they “think” they can’t build one, so they can’t.  It’s just that simple of an explanation.

Then there is this ‘patience’ thing.  How does one acquire patience if you don’t have it?  Does one sit on an isolated mountain somewhere, awaiting ‘patience?’  You might, but I don’t.  I have discovered that I develop patience by engaging.

I had a certain degree of patience when i began my first canoe, but I have a great deal more now.  You screw up enough and you begin to develop ‘patience’ – otherwise it can get very expensive!  LOL.  And through ‘patience’ I have discovered (yet) another portal to spirituality.  Being.

And so, I invite you to come along as I build “Noah’s Arc.”  (This will be the first installment as I work through this project.)  This is the frame being set.


“Noah’s Arc,” 27 Dec 2013

It involves cutting out the forms, mounting them on the “strongback” and ensuring they are ‘true.’  Time involved to this point: 6 hours.


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