Gramma Sauter’s Potato Salad

Sauter’s is a grocery store here in town that offers great potato salad, ‘Gramma Sauter’s Potato Salad.’  I have bought their potato salad for 20 years or so, along with their cole slaw, 3-bean salad and so forth.  However, Gramma Sauter’s potato salad is the best.

A couple years ago I noticed that they dropped ‘Gramma’ from the label.  Quite disturbing it was – to notice Gramma missing…

Yesterday I stopped in to buy some potato salad.  As the gal behind the counter was filling the container, I asked her, “What happened to Gramma?”

She looked at me rather perplexed and so I explained, “You used to have ‘Gramma Sauter’ on the label.”

“Oh,” she replied, “it still is ‘Gramma Sauter’s’ potato salad,” and she pointed to a sign above the counter.  We hell, it never occurred to me to look up there!

“Well this is a relief,” I said to her.  “I thought Gramma Sauter was a victim of an obamacare death panel!”  And I walked off…

She stood there for a moment, reflecting upon what I had said, and then it hit her – and I thought she was going to pee her pants!  She just began laughing, and couldn’t stop.

I just walked away, with a satisfying smile.  I just love making people laugh…

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