Happy New Year, 2010

I woke up New Year’s Day on 2010 and just laid there for a bit.  I was waiting for my wife (Wife 2.0) to wake.  It wasn’t long before she began to stir so I said, “Welcome to ‘two thousand, ten!'”  She immediately came back with, “Isn’t it ‘twenty ten?'”

I replied, “Of course it is,” and I got up to make coffee…

We were married close to 4 or 5 years.  About 2 years into the marriage I began to notice that everything I had to say was ‘challenged.’  I would suggest that we might go to the Whitehouse Inn for dinner and she would offer, “Wouldn’t you rather go to ‘Chowders and Moor?'”  Of course I would, what was I thinking?

Or she would ask, “What car are we taking to Columbus?”  To which I would say, “I think we’ll take ‘the Red car’ (my 1995 BMW M3).”  And she would come back with,  “Wouldn’t you rather take my car?”  Of course I would, what was I thinking?

And so it went, for almost 2-3 years, progressively getting worse.  Crap!  How did I ever survive flying high-performance jets for so long, being “wrong” so much?

And so on that New Year’s Day, of course it was ‘twenty ten.’  And that is when ‘boners’ die!   Might as well go make coffee.

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