Time to Clean House…

Congress has only been in session 1 day this year (2014), and the bickering is as loud as ever.  I for one, am very tired of it all.  All the partisan bickering, and nothing of substance ever gets done.  Beginning in the 2014 elections I WILL NOT vote for an incumbent. Good guy, bad guy, ‘no’ guy – I don’t care.  These guys just can’t play well together.  I would love to see “incumbents,” no matter who they are, take a hit this year, and the remaining guys know what’s coming!  It’s way past time “to clean house!”


We seem to have forgotten that when the idea of the Congress was formed, it was not for a “career.”  The idea was for citizens to go to Washington for a while, serve, then return home.  A “while” was never meant to be a 20 – 30 year career!

It’s time, actually way past time, to get back on track… but I don’t think we ever will.  There’s just too much money and power at stake anymore.  If nothing does change, we are so screwed…


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