The Orange Scratchy Veggie Glove

I stopped in a local “kitchen shop” a couple years ago, just to look around.  While I was there I came across this glove:

IMG_1736It’s a ‘scratchy’ glove, used to clean veggies.

While I was looking at it a this nice-looking young girl came up and asked if I had any questions.  Cute kid, about 18 – 19 or so.  Blonde.  Anyway I decided to have some fun with her.

“Well,” I said, “I see you have these green scratchy gloves for veggies – I’m just wondering if you might have an orange scratchy glove for carrots?”

Before I could say anything else, she turned and headed into the back room, saying, “Just a minute, I’ll go check.”  YGBSM!  And I couldn’t catch her soon before she disappeared through the door, into the back room!

I intuitively knew I probably wouldn’t want to be around when she emerged front he back room, and I think I was right.  As I was heading out of the store I heard some guy “going off” on her!  Man… help me, please help me!

I got in my car and took off.  Harry only lived a half-mile away, so I decided to stop for a cup of coffee, and to compose myself.  Sitting out on his back porch, with a cup of coffee, we had a great laugh that morning!

An ‘orange scratchy glove’ for carrots… Really?


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One Response to The Orange Scratchy Veggie Glove

  1. Steve says:

    ROTFLMAO… orange one for carrots – I got some spray paint for ya

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