My Playground

From the summer of 1957 through the summer of 1960, this was my playground:

Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico

This is Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, situated on the northwest end of the island of Puerto Rico.  It was a ‘magical’ place to spend a childhood, and a safe place for a kid.  (I was 11, 12 and 13 during this time.)  And we had the “run” of the base!  No, we couldn’t play on the flightline – they had airplanes out there and if you got hit by a prop, you probably would make it.  We didn’t need to be told about this when we were kids – it was ‘obvious!’  LOL!  But we could go just about anywhere else, and often did.

Of course we had “organized” activities, like Little League baseball (I was Nr. 7 on the NY Yankees – no pressure there!)  But my favorite activities were the “unsupervised” ones.  Exploring the beach, fishing, swimming, camping, digging spent bullets from the base firing range, horseback riding, golf, and so forth.  I suppose it was as close to a ‘Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn’ experience a kid could hope for.  And I loved it!

I think these experiences at Ramey gave me a sense of independence that I have never recovered from.  (LOL).  I don’t understand “play dates;” nor from what I’ve heard of them I don’t want to know about them.  The “magic” of my childhood has been replaced today with structure and supervision – and that sucks (from my perspective).  We don’t seem to be letting “little boys” be “little boys” anymore, and that sucks!

While I am still here, before I meet my obamacare Death Panel, I plan on showing my grand sons how “the cow eats the cabbage!”  Hope to teach them to love and respect the woods (nature) as I do.  I am much more comfortable in the woods than I am in a city… and I certainly feel safer.

Hope to travel back to Ramey one of these days – soon…

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2 Responses to My Playground

  1. Paul J. Conn says:

    Stationed at the flight surgeons office for the nine months till the base closed. I was 19 years old. I think my experience of the place was hardly different from your at 11-13. I LOVED the place and even as a late teenager I knew how lucky I was. Every moment off duty was me and my diving buddy off the shore of that precipice so clear in your pic snorkleing. It was pure heaven; sharks and giant barracudas included but every wonderous creature you can list I experienced there and the coral was simply glorious. It is a memory so enchanted that I have never gone back only because I know nothing can match those days. Did you go back?

    • Cheeta17 says:

      Paul, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I did go back, in 2015 for an “all grades” school reunion. It was great to return. So many memories, so much fun! Cheers…

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