A Lesson In Clearing

After reading an earlier post here, a friend shared this story:

My first FOT (Follow-On-Training) flight as a new IP in “L” flight was with a couple of “O” flight guys, Chuck H. and Mark M.  I can’t remember the other IP.  I was flying with Chuck and the experience was rather enlightening.  Spent a lot of time in afterburner in the area (learned how to really fly extended trail ) and flew some pretty impressive overheads (rolling out just short of overrun) back at Vance.  I think that we landed min fuel (not announcing it ) after about .8 of flight time.  I had a great time and decided that being an IP was going to be fun after all .  Shortly after returning to squadron, Chuck and I were standing at attention in front of Lt. Col. Goddard’s (ops officer) desk explaining our actions.  Seems the DO was in the RSU and observed our antics in the pattern.  Even though he chewed our asses, I think LTC Goddard understood.  I tried to learn from Chuck and Mark’s introduction and continue in their tradition.  However, I was more careful back in the pattern, especially if their was a blue staff car beside the RSU.  Have not thought about this in years.  Thanks for reminding me how much fun it was flying the T-38.

(This is one of the beauties about this blog – having friends chime in every now and then, with ‘your’ stories!  Thanks!)

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