German Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot, or U-Boat Captain?

A friend called yesterday to tell me that he was heading up to an auction to (perhaps) buy a German Luger.  I have a German Luger – they are neat weapons.

As we talked I told him that if he indeed bought a Luger,  we would then haf (German for ‘have’) to go shopping for German Luftwaffe tunics.  Only fitting; we are both retired pilots.   And we wouldn’t want to be sitting on a porch somewhere with our Lugers, waiting for some unsuspecting salesman while looking tacky now, would we?  (Reference: “Second Hand Lions”).




We laughed a bit, then I mentioned that we would also need a hat – but only one.  The German WW II hats actually doubled as either a Luftwaffe pilot’s hat, when worn conventionally, or U-Boat Captain’s hat, when worn backwards!   More laughing…


Just depends upon the task at hand… LOL!

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