“As you trod out in the morning….”

I stumbled across Waddy Mitchell and Don Edwards here a few years ago and instantly became a ‘fan.’  This piece below, “Commuting,” really grabbed me.  It’s not a stretch for me to sit back, close my eyes and find myself walking out to the Jet in the coolness of the early morning.

The ramp is quiet, but soon will be alive.  I look over and see Rat, and Lerq, and Marty, Joe, Butch and many others; all carrying their helmet bags as we walk to our assigned jets.  Our flight briefing earlier went much the same as what you’ll soon hear here.  And I offer that there are many other things you’ll hear in the piece that you’ll be able to relate to – if you have ever walked out to a jet in the early morning as I have…

So, take a moment, sit back and reflect on how very fortunate we were, and are – to have slipped the surly bonds as we did…

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