A Note From My Mom

I woke up a bit congested this morning, so I took a “fed” of some kind – a sudafed, actifed, whatever.  Seems to have worked.  The “feds” usually do work well with me, if I catch the cold early enough…

Last year I came down with a cold and was out of “feds.”  So I got dressed and headed out to Kroger’s.  Wasn’t really feeling well, and certainly in no mood for to play “Stump the Dummy” with the pharmacist.  So, I left home ‘prepared…’

When I got to the pharmacy counter, the pharmacist asked, “May I help you, Sir?”  Instead of answering her, I just handed her the note I prepared:

“Please let Bobby buy some sudafed.  He has a bad cold and is not feeling well.  He is not a meth cooker; he flunked chemistry his freshman year of college, so he became a pilot.

Thank you,
His Dead Mom”

She wasn’t amused at first, (I was), but she filled my request.  As she thought more about it, she began to see my perspective.  A 10-year old girl can buy ‘the Morning After Pill,’ but a 64-year old man can’t buy lousy sudafed, without ‘a note from his Mom…’

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