Texas Bluebonnets

I have always loved Texas bluebonnets.  Along side their highways and in the Hill Country – they hardly ever seem to not capture my attention.



I seem to miss them this time of year more than any other – as now is when they are in full bloom.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.53.23 AMThere were mornings at Randolph (AFB) when I had the early morning takeoff and I loved those.  Typically we would depart and head over to Seguin Auxiliary Airfield at 1,500 feet.  In the cool still air we would fly over large fields of bluebonnets.  It was on those mornings I discovered the sweet smell of the flowers.  I would pull the throttles back and we would just kinda ‘glide’ through the air, taking it all in… I miss those early morning ‘go’s…’


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