I have always been somewhat of an ‘entrepreneur’ without actually knowing it, per se.  As it turns out, ‘creating stuff’ – creating something from nothing – has always fascinated me.  Even thinking of stuff to create has intrigued me.

In my early thirties I would upon occasion, find myself in a dark, smokey VFW bar somewhere.  Wonder how I got there?  Often on the row of stools would be a row of fools (stole this line from “Pop A Top,” Jim Ed Brown…), including my self!  Once I heard these two “rum-dumbs” (as Dear Ole Dad often referred to these guys as) in deep conversation.  They were both sitting there, each with cigarette in one hands and a half glass of beer in the other.

“You know Charlie, that idea (whatever it was) would have worked!”  one guy proclaimed to the other.

“Gawd-damned right it would have…” replied Charlie.  And so opened the conversation about an idea that surfaced, then died, because it wasn’t followed through upon.  I don’t know why, but I would rather fall on my ass trying an idea, than find myself explaining to some other rum-dumb about my good idea – and how it “could have” worked.

Since I have retired from the Air Force, I have formed 3 businesses: ORF Enterprises, BratPin, Inc. and VetCards, LLC.

ORF (Old Retired ‘Fella’) Enterprises was a company wherein I designed and sold Air Force Pilot Flying Log Books first, then gravitated to military scrapbooks.  It did all right, but not as well as it could have, had I recognized the need for “marketing.”

BratPin, Inc. formed last September (2013) has done fantastic.  This is a “non-profit” company I formed to sell lapel pins, and other products to recognize and honor military kids – Military Brats.  (See:  In just over the 6 months it has been operating, I have sold over $19,000 of BratPin products!  And this is promoting almost exclusively through Facebook.

The VetCard LLC. venture is just about to get off the ground.  It is a business that recognizes Veterans in the form of ‘trading cards.’  Novel idea, ain’t it?  It will be curious to see where it goes… (See:

I have not “succeeded” with every venture I have attempted; but neither have I failed with them.  Some have just done better than others.  I think my key in creating a venture is recognizing the need for the product.  I tend to ask myself, “Is this something I would like?”

Then I ask myself, “Is this something I can afford to do myself, without ‘outside’ financial support?”  Being a successful, educated white guy makes it hard to get a government loan.  (Truth hurts, doesn’t it Mr. Government Bureaucrat!)

And finally I ask myself, “Is this something I want to do?”  I don’t always implement my “good ideas.”  Not because they are necessarily “bad ideas,” but I just may not be interested in pursuing the idea at the time.

I once came up with an idea to create a “Baby Boomer Number” for all of us Baby Boomers (See:  Then Dennis took the idea to fruition (See:  I sure wish him well – it’s a great idea!  LMAO!

Another idea I have toyed with is creating custom-made Bullshit Flags.  Small little flags that you could pull out and wave when appropriate – like at staff meetings, political gatherings, school board meetings, divorce hearings, etc.  You wouldn’t ever have to get “vocal” with anything anymore – just sit there and calmly wave your Bullshit flag!  The idea still holds appeal for me…may look into it further, who knows?

I think, in the end, “fear” is the only thing that holds us back.  Fear of failing.  Well screw it – I might just learn something from failing… like not to do that again!  LOL!

So, if you have a good idea, and have really thought it through, “Go For It!”  And, have FUN with it; otherwise, why do it?

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