Shredding the Lies of a 16-Year Old

And so I actually attended a high school reunion last week – my 50th.  I was ‘a little’ apprehensive as I drove to San Antonio, but not as much as I had been before.  I guess it was time.  And I am so glad I went!

I graduated from General H.H. Arnold High School in 1964; in Wiesbaden, West Germany.  I can remember that first day so clearly.  I walked to school that day, found a desk against the wall in my home room, and I hunkered down!  Gen. H.H. Arnold was my 4th high school, in 4 years (in 3 countries).  As I watched the interaction of the other kids, kids who had been there for 2 to 3 years, I withdrew even further.  Maybe a fear of rejection drove me even deeper into my self-imposed isolation?  The insecurities and ‘fear’ of a 16-year old didn’t help either I suppose.  At any rate I kept my head down that year and somehow struggled through it…

Doc Holaday is one guy who I have stayed in touch with since high school.  He and I were on the soccer team together.  Over the past 10 – 15 years he has encouraged me to attend many of these reunions, but my sick mind kept telling me, “What’s the point, no one would remember me anyway.”  About a year and a half ago he once again mentioned our reunion, telling me that I would enjoy myself.  So this year I agreed to attend – and you know what?  He was right; we were both right!

I attended this year, and I had a great time – and I didn’t know anyone else!  But I knew ‘who’ they were; I knew who you were.  I knew a good many of the names of the folks in attendance, and their “affiliations.”  I knew the “jocks,” the “intellects” (from National Honor Society), the cheerleaders, the Prom Court, the class officers and so forth.  Yes, I “knew” who you were, but I didn’t know any of you.  And last week I “met” you; and this week came to love you…

I suppose this is nothing more than yet another affirmation that behind “fear” is “love.” And once I could shed that fear I carried for so long, I found love.  Once I shed the “lies of a 16-year old,” I found love.  And this morning, it just “feels” so good…

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