No “Boots On the Ground” in Iraq!

Okay, now it all makes sense to me!

I saw Chuck Hagel, SecDef, on the news this morning, declaring once again that there are not, nor will there be, any American “boots on the ground” in Iraq.  And this just after announcing that we are sending another 130 “assessors” to Iraq.  That made no sense at all to me – until I thought about the recent push of the administration to have more gays in the military.  Then it all made sense!

Back in the day, gays were sometimes referred to as “light in the loafers.”  Okay, now this explains it!  We are sending gay troops to Iraq, so there will be no “boots no the ground!”

Clever bastards these guys are!


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One Response to No “Boots On the Ground” in Iraq!

  1. John R says:

    Well, there were serious rumors that our ambassador to Libya was “light in the loafers.” We made no plans to save the loafers or the ambassador wearing them. Unfortunately, there were others not wearing the same kind of loafers. We made no plans for saving them either.

    Maybe there is a sinister plan here also for the 130 people. Who knows, after all, our POTUS is golfing, and our SEC.STATE is off on a global warming conference somewhere on the Far East while the friggin’ world is burning on all ends.

    Putin, who is openly anti “light in the loafers” is laughing off is ass at us. He knows we can’t save the 130 people and our other assets in Iraq if we had to so do. But, good news, I hear the golf games are doing well, even though the permanent residents of the village are issuing all kinds of unwarranted bitches about being frisked and road-blocked every few feet from their homes, the beaches, the golf course and favorite hangouts.

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