My Tax Dollars at Work…

So now Dear Leader and his crew have decided to bomb ISIS in Iraq.

One mortar, one Mk81 ( a 500-pounder).  One US built Humvee, one Mk81.  One machine gun, another MK81.

There’s a good chance that some, if not all of the military equipment ISIS is using, is actually captured US equipment – abandoned by the Iraqis we gave it to in the first place.  Brilliant!

So now, stepping back and looking at things, what I see is: Dear Leader, in his haste to declare the war in Iraq over, handed over billions of dollars of US military equipment to the Iraqis and now we are in the process of using even more tax dollars to destroy it ourselves!  Brilliant!


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  1. John R says:

    It is called “Bombing for Clunkers.”

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