Insulting to Who?

A couple years ago a friend in Indiana shared with me that her company was building a new manufacturing plant.  One of the features of this new plant was to be a room set aside specifically for Muslim prayer.  Right in the heartland of America… well, okay.

She was understandably upset.  While, for the most part, these fine folks are welcomed to our nation, I find it ‘interesting’ that these fine folks continually come to our country with ‘demands’ of some kind or another – and we continually acquiesce, so as not to insult anyone.  I wonder if anyone has considered that these relatively new fine folks are insulting Americans with their demands?  But to raise this question would not be ‘politically correct,” so everyone cowers – so as not to insult allah, the prophet or Joe-Shit the Ragman.  Well, okay.

After I listened to her for a while, it dawned on me – are they building a specific room for Catholics?  For Baptists?  For Lutherans?  You get the idea.  Of course not.  So, I encouraged her to put a bit of sunshine in Management’s day by asking the question: why not?  I don’t think she ever did because like a good American employee (who wants to keep her job) she has to just “suck it up.”  And probably the right call for her.

But I still wonder, what if the Catholics want to get together at lunch for a quick friendly game of Bingo?  Or how about the Lutherans coming together for a card game?  And what about the Baptists?  What if a couple of them to slip into ‘their room’ to make love over lunch?  Oh, never mind, if they get caught, folks will think they are dancing… but you get the point.

It is interesting nonetheless; while I am seeing an attack on Christianity in our nation, at the same time folks are bending over backwards to accommodate muslims… and that’s insulting to me!

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