Naming Cars

I had to go over to BG (Bowling Green) this morning and was passed by a Honda “Pilot.” It’s a little ‘boxy’ for me, but it got me to thinking…

Have you ever seen a car named, “The Ford Lawyer?” or, “The Chevrolet Doctor?”  Or how about a “Nissan Used Car Dealer?”  Nah, didn’t think so, and I don’t think it’s gonna happen anytime soon.  (And now you know why I don’t turn on my radio much!  LOL.)

Then I got to thinking further – hey, it’s 17 miles over there – what about a “BMW Hooker?”  ‘Gonna ride my Hooker over to BG’ – has a nice ring to it.  Or, ‘Can you give me a ride over to Perrysburg to pick up my Hooker?’  And now you know why I don’t work for BMW!

I could have fun naming cars…

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