New Age Driving Tips – The No Left Turn Sign

For the most part, you can ignore these guys – everyone else does…




…especially if you are in a hurry, or you know that the placement of these signs is “bullshit.”

There is a stretch of highway on my way in to town that has 3 of these signs within a half-mile.  I don’t know how many “trifectas” I have seen over the years.  People just ‘blowing off’ the No Left Turn signs.

The first beginning with someone coming out of the housing development (on the left) making a 120-drgree turn to head my way.  Then the guy in front of me makes his own 120-degree turn into the neighborhood.  And finally someone coming out of another housing area making a 120-degree left hand turn in front of me.  Not to worry that I have to slow down to accommodate them.  I know, they are “special” – they have been told so ever since birth.

You seeing the trend here?



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