I Didn’t Fly 3 Times that Day…

I was talking in the hallway to a few Captains one morning when the squadron commander (the 560th FTS/CC) came up to us.  At that time I was the “Special Assistant to the DO (Director of Operations), Number 2.  Lt. Col. Byron Allen was the Special Assistant to the DO, Number 1.  I had upward mobility, he didn’t…

Anyway, the commander asked if he could speak to me, indicating that he wanted it to be a “private conversation.”

“Sure Tom,” I replied, “what’s on your mind?” I replied with a ‘body language’ that told him I wasn’t going anywhere.  This would have been in December 1987 and I was retiring in July.

“Have you heard of ‘my’ policy of not flying 3 times a day?” he asked, thinking he had ‘nailed me.’

“Why, yes Tom, I have,” I answered.

“Well, it appears that the other day, you violated my policy,” he stated as if he had nailed me.

“Okay Tom, let’s think about this for a second,” I replied.  The Captains I had been talking with were now becoming somewhat amused, so I continued.  “Your ‘policy,’ as I understand it, is a ‘WOM,’ a ‘word-of-mouth.’  If you want me to adhere to it, write it down.  ‘WOMs’ are not legally binding.  And besides I did not fly 3 times that day (12 December 1987), I flew 5 times that day!”

At the time the only limit we had to flying on any given day was no more than 6.5 hours in a day – and I had not exceeded that.  I had 6.0 hours that day… and I knew it.  So, I was just ‘playing’ with him.  He was now in a engagement he could not win – so without saying anything else, he just turned and left.  Nothing else ever came of it…

You have to know the rules…

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