I Sell Laxatives Too…

I happened in to my barber’s this morning and Tom shared a great story with me; too good for me not to share!

It seems a while back this guy owned a drug store in Bowling Green, Oh, near the university (Bowling Green State University). One day this female student came in and bought a pack of cigarets. On her way out she stoppered, opened the pack and took out a cigaret. As she was lighting it, the store owner asked her to not smoke inside the store.

“Well,” she replied, “you sell the cigarets inside the store, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” the store owner came back at her, “and I also sell laxatives – but I don’t expect you to take a shit in my store…”

Great comeback…

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  1. John Ray says:

    I should not drink coffee when I read Bob’s blog!

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