“Two, stop hitting Lead…”

One day “PF” was the IP on a student two-ship (T-38s) training flight. The pilot on his wing was a solo student pilot. At some point during the mission, PF checked in on the SOF (Supervisor of Flying) frequency, callsign ‘Lowell,’ at Vance AFB, OK. The conversation, as I understand it, went something like this…

Lead: “Reno 17 Lead,”

Two: “Reno 17, Two.

Lead: “Did you just hit me?”

Two: “Yes Sir, I think I did…”

Lead: “Lowell, I think my wingman just hit me…”

Apparently PF’s wingman lost sight of him (in the sun) during a pitchout and at some point his vertical stabilizer brushed against PF’s airplane. Very little damaged was done, but PF and his student definitely felt it. The initial reply from Lowell was (again, as I understand it), “Two, stop hitting Lead…” Then it got serious… The flight was directed to return to Vance where an inspection revealed that indeed, significant damage had been done.

They were all lucky that day…

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