On INTEGRITY: In the early 80’s there was this student pilot in T-38s at Columbus AFB, MS. After landing one afternoon, he filled out the ‘Forms,’ then left the flight line. The Crew Chief, on his Post Flight Inspection, noticed that the “G” meter in the Rear Cockpit registered an “Over-G”; probably something over 7.3 G’s or so. He then rechecked the G meter in the Front Cockpit and saw where it had been reset to 1 G. There was nothing in the Forms about an “Over G.” He then went to the Maintenance shack and called his supervisor.

The supervisor showed up, saw the problem here. An Integrity issue here, or simple oversight? He, in turn, called the Director of Maintenance (DM). When the DM showed up and saw everything he called the Director of Operations, DO. So now you have the Crew Chief, his Supervisor, the DM and DO standing there by the Flight Line MX shack scratching their heads when the student shows up, heading for the jet. They all watch as the Student climbs up the rear ladder, leans in and “punches off” the G Meter! He was confronted immediately.

It turns out that when he left the Flight Line, he went back to his Flight Room, filled out his grade sheet then went to his BOQ room. As he was showering it dawned on him – Rear Cockpit, G Meter! So he put on his flight suit back on and returned to the flight line.

To their credit they took the appropriate action – they threw his ass out of the Air Force! And this is how it should be. INTEGRITY Matters!

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  1. John Ray says:

    And then, the ex-student, with a “I served” line in his bio, became a congressman, subsequently a U.S.senator. His dual platform is and has been “honesty and transparency.” What the hell, he has all the makings of being POTUS.

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