The T-38 3,000 Hour Club

To get 3,000 hours in any Air Force aircraft is an achievement in and of itself. I was blessed to hit this plateau in the T-38A. Over my 20-year Air Force career, I managed to fly 17.5 years; 11.5 years in the T-38A in one capacity or another.

The printout below is a summary of my T-38A experience.

This product was run on 15 March 1988. It reflects at the time I had 3043.3 hours in the ’38. When I retired, on 15 Jul 1988, I had a total of 3243.4 hours in ‘the Jet.’ Then, adding my T-38A time from UPT takes me up to 3351.2 hours in the Jet and that is what I had when I left the USAF. However I wasn’t done yet. In May of 2006 I was invited to speak at Columbus AFB, MS and was given a T-38 ride! What a thrill! And another 1.0 hour of T-38A time!

All-in-all, I was truly Blessed!

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