Finding Dorsey…

In 1965 and 1966 I applied to the Air Force Academy. I didn’t apply earlier as I attended high school overseas, and for some reason or another, it just didn’t dawn on me. In 1965 I was rejected because I wasn’t “bright enough.” Well, okay then. I again applied in 1966 and having studied to become “half-bright,” I received a nomination as an “alternate.”

I don’t know why I save “stuff” like this, but I do. Anyway, I have always wondered if the “Primary” guy ever made it to the Academy, and if so, did he graduate?

Yesterday I spent a part of the day “purging,” getting rid of stuff that will (probably) mean nothing to the kids, when I came across this. And once again I found myself wondering, “…did he attend? Did he Graduate?”

Now I love a good challenge so I began an internet search. It didn’t take long before I found him and decided to give him a call. He answered the phone and after a couple moments we were chatting as if we actually knew each other from years past. He did attend, and graduated, Class of 1970! I was so happy to hear this…

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