“Dumbassery:” Diversity and Inclusion in the Air Force

With the “woke” crowd now making its presence felt more and more every day, I can envision the day coming when it really shows itself in the field, specifically in air combat operations. Imagine, if you will, a Flight Commander tasked with an air-to-ground mission using 4 F-15Es going after an ISIS compound in Syria. One he receives the ‘frag order,’ he has to assemble the crews, keeping in mind that ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ is paramount.

(Now when I was growing up, Bob Newhart was in his prime. So I can’t help but think how the phone conversation might go from the Flight Commander to his Boss as he tries to work through the Diversity and Inclusion challenges – in fairness to all…)

Ring, ring…

“Hey Boss, Bobo here,”

“I’m great, Sir. I want to talk to you about tomorrow’s strike mission.”

Okay, I have 8 seats to fill; 4 Aviators in front and 4 WSOs in the back.”

“I know the WSO’s are Aviators too Boss, but we decided to call “pilots” Aviators so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings… WSOs are Aviators too you say? Well, crap, that’s gonna make it trickier! At any rate, about tomorrow…

Right now for the pilots, ahh, Aviators in Front – can we call them ‘AIFs?’ I have 3 women and 1 male cross-dresser. One woman is Black, 1 is Hispanic, and 1 is Indian. And of course, there is the cross-dresser.”

“Okay Sir, you’re ‘on board’ with that?”


“How am I filling the rear cockpits?”

“Oh Sir, those are now “Aft Flight Decks! You’ll get used to it, Sir (or your career will be shot to Hell!). Okay, the lineup I have so far for the Aft Flight Deckers is: a Black guy, a female Puerto Rican, a Tranny and our token White guy. That should do it; Diversity and Inclusion!”

“Yep, we are pretty please with this lineup, and all set to go – Engine Start at 0500 hours tomorrow. To add a personal touch Sir, we will be playing “We Are the World” over our Flight line speakers! Kinda brings tears to your eyes, doesn’t it”. (Author’s note: In more ways than one…)

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  1. jerry fine says:

    Now that is funny! (but scary). Too funny not to share, so thanks for the laugh this morning.

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