“Harry A. Hit a Tree…

In the early 70’s, there once was a C-141 on approach to RWY 6 at McGuire in ‘very bad’ weather one morning. It was misty and the ceiling was ‘marginal.’ As they approached minimums, where they had to make the decision to either land or go around, the AC (aircraft commander) took it upon himself to “press” just a little bit further – in hopes of finding the runway. Not good, and soon it became apparent, even to him, that they wouldn’t be seeing the runway on that approach. So he executed a go-around.

After completing a subsequent successful approach and landing, a tree limb was discovered embedded in their right wing once they reached their parking spot!

Not good! The way I heard that the incident was reported to MAC Headquarters by the local command post was:

“Harry A. hit a tree,
Flew around for all to see,
Now the aircraft’s parked on ‘Oscar 3,
Sure am glad it wasn’t me!”

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