Just Look at Him!

One morning I was waiting on an aircraft at the gate with a couple-3 of flight attendants. We were just about to begin our trip. One of the flight attendants asked if I had met the copilot yet to which I replied that I had not. But soon I spotted a guy with a vey ‘focused’ look on his face, heading directly toward us. I mentioned to the flight attendants that I thought this might be ‘our guy.’ and further told them I thought he would be armed as a FDFO (Flight Deck Federal Officer.)

One of the flight attendants asked how I knew to which I replied, “Look at the guy – he’s a ‘short’ guy, stomping our way with a somewhat ‘pissed off’ look on his face.”

Shortly thereafter he came us to us, introduced himself in a curt manner, then told us he was armed! The flight attendants all began laughing which caused him to scowl even deeper. Then the copilot asked what was so funny and I just dismissed it all with, “Oh, I told them all a joke earlier, and it looks like they just got it!”

Nothing more was said, and the trip went well…

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