Dollar Ride Bills? Really?

One of the additional duties we assigned the students was “Snack Bar Officer.” In this capacity, students manned our squadron snack bars for a period of 2 to 3 hours; manning the cash register, making coffee, stocking shelves and so forth. It was a “boring” job but one that had to be done if we wanted snacks throughout the day.

One day Joe was assigned “Snack-O” in the T-37 squadron at Vance. A Tweet IP came in and began preparing a couple of hot dogs. When he went to pay for them, he couldn’t find his wallet. We’ve all been there. You begin searching the top two pockets on your flight suit then gradually work your way down until you reach your last two flight suit pockets down by your boots. Not finding his wallet he looked up at Joe and told him to hold on a minute – and he left.

Shortly thereafter he returned with a couple of dollar bills. (We charged a dollar for hot dogs in those days.). Smiling he handed the bills to Joe and walked back to his flight room. As Joe was putting the bills into the cash register he noticed writing on them – turns out they were “Dollar Ride” bills!

Keep in mind that students in our day, gave their IPs a dollar when they took their first ride in a jet. Then we (IPs) would take these dollars and slip them under the plexiglass on our desks. It became a sense of pride to watch the Dollar Ride dollars begin to accumulate under the glass. To use them to buy hot dogs is just not right – kind of sacrilegious!

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  1. Steve R. says:

    desperate times call for desperate measures!!! *grins*

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