What’s Wrong?

One of the things we continually ‘hammered’ in UPT was radio discipline.  Keep unnecessary chatter off the radio.  So…

JB was on a 2-ship ride with a Solo student.  The Solo was Lead.  Just as they lined up on 17R the Student looked back at JB and began frantically waving his arms back and forth over his head.  Once he saw JB looking at him, he began pushing up against the top of the canopy.  He then extended both hands and “flickered” his fingers in and out.

JB in turn, reached down, pushed the Mic button and asked, “What’s wrong?”  Shocked the hell out of the student!

“My (red) ‘Canopy Light’ is on, Sir,” came they reply… it should have been out with the canopy closed and locked.

The mission was aborted and they taxied back in…

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