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Current Events: Distinguished Warfare Medal

“Veterans outraged over new warfare medal February 20, 2013 by Michael Dorstewitz 1 Comment Distinguished Warfare Medal, the cause for all the flap Photo credit The Marine Corps Times Last week, the Department of Defense announced its newest military honor, … Continue reading

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USAF Flying Time

When I graduated from UPT, I was about 21 months behind my peers from college.  (I had that pesky color vision issue to deal with before I was accepted to pilot training.)  Nevertheless, I began hustling for flying time right … Continue reading

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Child Molestors

A Lakota child once asked his Mother why there didn’t seem to be any ‘child molesters’ in their tribe.  Without emotion, she told him, “Because when we see this behavior in an individual, we kill them.”  Such a simple approach, … Continue reading

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Introduction to “Military Brats” – 10

“My mother would not let us tell anyone Dad was knocking us around.  My silence was simply another facet of my patriotism.  My youth filled up with the ancient shame of a son who cannot protect his mother.  It would … Continue reading

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Woodworking – 1

I enjoy woodworking, always have.  I began “banging nails” as a kid, when Dear Ole Dad gave me a couple 2 x 4s and some nails.  From then on, I was hooked. When Keith was born we priced changing tables.  … Continue reading

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“Boomer” was our Class Commander in UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training).  Probably, kind of thought of as our “Den Mother.”  In this capacity he was responsible for all the ‘administrative things’ that came our way.  He was also responsible for kicking … Continue reading

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The B-47

This is a B-47, on take-off: I first saw them fly at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ (Tucson.)  They were loud and smokey, even without the JATO (jet assisted take off) bottles. While the B-47 takeoff is impressive, I would have liked … Continue reading

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The Ramey AFB O’Club Pool

This is the pool at the Ramey AFB Officer’s Club: I wouldn’t have a clue who any of those folks are, but I sure recognize the pool, the eating area and the bar!  For the better part of 3 years, … Continue reading

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A “Sure Thing”…

The only “sure thing” I ever knew of was explained to me like this: A guy drives up to a 7/11 with his date.  He explains to her that he is going in for a box of condoms.  When he … Continue reading

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Recovery – Early Days at Hazelden

Guys came and went every day at Hazelden.  However, we tended to ‘gravitate’ toward the guys who who came in just before us.  That’s what I did… There were 3 other pilots in treatment, in my unit.  Another one from … Continue reading

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