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A Tribute to the King

(The following was provided by Rat.) A TRIBUTE TO THE KING 16 August 79:  It was a hot, humid, summer morning at an un-named USAF base in northeast Mississippi.  I was a T-38 IP in Eagle Flight.  This particular day … Continue reading

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Say Davy…

Overheard from Col. William B. Travis to Davy Crockett, as they stood looking out over the wall of the Alamo just before dawn,   “Say Davy, did somebody order up some concrete work I don’t know anything about?”

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German Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot, or U-Boat Captain?

A friend called yesterday to tell me that he was heading up to an auction to (perhaps) buy a German Luger.  I have a German Luger – they are neat weapons. As we talked I told him that if he … Continue reading

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A Lesson In Clearing

After reading an earlier post here, a friend shared this story: My first FOT (Follow-On-Training) flight as a new IP in “L” flight was with a couple of “O” flight guys, Chuck H. and Mark M.  I can’t remember the … Continue reading

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Randy 10 Lead Is ‘Bingo’

In flying, ‘Bingo’ is the term we use that means we have just enough fuel remaining to return to the base, land and have our ‘minimum fuel’ by regulation.  More often than not, in T-38 flying, that value is 600 … Continue reading

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Gas Training

When I was in Aerospace Munitions School in the Fall of 1968 we had to go through ‘tear gas training.’  This is where they put us in a room then tossed in canisters of tear gas.  Not the ‘mild’ stuff, … Continue reading

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One of My Favorites…

On a rainy day, an little Indian boy from the tribe goes to his chief and asks, “Chief, how do you name all the people of our tribe?” The Chief replies,”Oh, it quite easy.  When baby born, I look first … Continue reading

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WNA – 5

“We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God…” Chief Joseph Nez Perce

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“Why Don’t You Fly for a Little Bit, Bob?”

We took a 4-ship of T-38s from Randolph Field, TX to Tyndall AFB, FL one weekend, just to enjoy the weekend on the beach.  I was flying with Nick A., our squadron commander.  Good guy. Enroute we had a planned … Continue reading

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My Last Flight…

As a pilot, only two bad things can happen to you (and one of them will): a. One day you will walk out to the aircraft, knowing it is your last flight, or b. One day you will walk out … Continue reading

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