Well, Hell…

Years ago, Don Ross told me a story about when he worked as a busboy at a local country club..  He told me that one morning a guy sitting at a table in the dining room went to pour a glass of water.  Only he failed to notice that his glass was upside down.  The water soon was cascading all over the table.  Instead of getting upset about the whole deal, apparently this guy just looked up at Don and said something to the effect; “Some days I think to my self, “Well,” – then other days I think, “Well, Hell…”  And that was that, simple as it was.

Last Sunday night, 22 Jul. 2012, a little bit past eight, I returned a phone call I had received.  I listened, and after the short conversation, hung up and just sat there – thinking to myself, “Well, Hell.  What were the past 3 weeks all about?”  And so, Life goes on.

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