Woke up this morning, around 0105 – laughing my ass off!  I had been dreaming about flying a T-38A at Vance AFB, OK…

The ‘essence’ of the dream was that Marty and I were at Vance, and decided to take a T-38 for a ride.  (We are both now in our 60’s – what?)

So, we show up at the squadron in our flight suits and begin rummaging for some equipment.  Although we both have ‘heaps’ of time in the jet – close to 5,000 hours between us – we decide we probably best have at least one checklist and an inflight guide between us.  So we begin looking through the squadron.  It doesn’t take long to find what we need; students usually leave them laying around all over the place!

And so, after our helmet checks, it’s out the door to the trolley.  We see a jet being prepped, and it looks ‘good enough.’

Once we get to the jet, we drop our chutes at our respective ladders, and climb up to preflight our cockpits.  This is what our cockpits looked like in the ’70’s and ’80’s:

Now Marty and I stood on our ladders looking at:

There was a time, in the mid-70’s, when Marty and I flew together so much that we could almost read each other’s minds.  Today was no different.  We looked at each other, from atop our respective ladders, and simultaneously said, “Nah!”

Leaving our chutes propped up against the ladders, we added the checklists and inflight guides to the pile and walked off the flight line – laughing all the way…

I have frequent dreams about flying in the Air Force.  Hardly ever do I ever dream about commercial flying.  Those dreams are called ‘nightmares.’

“Dreams are not so different from deeds as some may think.  All the deeds of men are only dreams at first.  And in the end, their deeds dissolve into dreams.”    …Theodor Herzel


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