I hold bankers right down there with used car dealers, land developers and politicians in the ‘food chain’ of professions.  They fall somewhat below hookers…

On Saturday I took a year’s worth of coins I had collected in 2012 to my bank – PNC – to redeem them for ‘folding money.’  Stupid me…

When I got to the teller I was met with the mandatory big smile and cheerful greeting.  Gawd!  I asked her if PNC had a coin counter.  “No, we don’t,” she replied.  Then she went on to tell me that I could take my coins to Kroger’s (grocery) and they only charged 7%.  Now, why would I want to do that?  I save my loose change all year, only to surrender 7% to Kroger’s – or anyone else for that matter?

Getting mad, or upset anymore doesn’t do any good.  These people are just brainless minions of the system anymore.  so, as she stood there smiling politely, wondering how else she could help me, I asked her where the shopping carts were.  And, of course, she asked me why I needed a shopping cart.  These ‘minions’ are just too easy anymore.

“Well,” I told her, ” since I can’t do the banking I thought I would do, I just as well might do some grocery shopping!”  Went right over her head…

A ‘coin counting’ machine in a bank?  Now, that might be a novel idea…

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2 Responses to Bankers

  1. Marv says:

    Check this out. Had the same issue locally. Went to Fred Meyer (owned by Kroger) to use the machine. If you want “in hand cash” you get the haircut. If you want a “cash voucher” for a number of businesses you don’t. I chose Amazon for the “full amount” of my change. God knows I’ll spend it there quickly. I think the machine was a “Coinstar.”


  2. jerry fine says:

    totally agree. i took in a bag of coins some years ago that i had rolled and they told me i needed to put my name on each wrapper. i laughed, refused, asked to see manager, and he took them. now my credit union has a counter. cool.

    as for bankers assuming a lower place on the human scale, i received an invitation (because of i one of their valued customers) from my bank offering me a chance to sign up for household appliance repair insurance. sounds glorious, repair or replace anything that breaks after 6 months. this was not cheap, about $50 per month, and you could cancel at any time. sounded too good to be true so read the fine print. paraphrased: if you cancel at any time, you are responsible for all costs associated with repair or replacement, plus interest, paid by this insurance policy from the beginning of the coverage.

    wow, now is that a good deal or what.

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