Chambley AFB, France: Before, and After…

I found this video on YouTube the other day.  We were stationed at Chambley from Oct. ’62 through Jul ’63.  I found it exhilarating, and heartbreaking – at the same time…

Chambley AFB, France

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4 Responses to Chambley AFB, France: Before, and After…

  1. Sarah Crawford Strand says:

    Our family was stationed there about the same time. Good memories. My father was a meteorologist at Chambley: Maj. Ed Crawford

    • Cheeta17 says:

      Hi Sarah, I was at Chambley from Oct. 1962 to Jul 1963. And you? My Dad was the Commissary Officer. Bob

      • Sarah Crawford Strand says:

        Bob, we were there at the same time although you are bit older. I was only 10/11 years old. If your dad was the commissary officer you must be the brother of Debbie? She was in my class in school and we were good friends. After all these years we have reconnected on Facebook. The days at Chambley hold special memories for me, such a carefree time running free around the base with friends.

  2. Remillo T. DuBose says:

    I was a military brat there from 1962-1966. I attended Chambley AFB for 6th and 8th grades. TRAB AFB for 7th grade and Verdun American High School for 9th grade all while living on Chambley AFB. It was a wonderful experience with fond memories.

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