“Hey Honey, How Would You Like to…”

In 1984 or ’85 we had been waiting the results of the Lt. Colonel promotion board to be released for the better part of 3 or 4 weeks.  I think it was the year after I was promoted to Lt. Colonel.  A couple guys in the squadron were just beside themselves, awaiting “the word.”

When the results were released that afternoon the beer began flowing.  One guy was especially excited, and thrilled beyond imagination.  After a few beers it dawned on him that he had neglected to call his wife.  Crap!  So he settled in by a phone and gave her a quick call.  By this time the party was really in gear.

When he heard her answer he shouted above the noise and into the phone, “Hey Honey, how would you like to sleep with a Lt. Colonel tonight?”

Initially he had trouble hearing her reply and it wasn’t until a couple moments later, when the noise subsided a bit, that he realized that he had dialed the wrong number!  Click!

I imagine today he is so glad we didn’t have Caller ID in those days, as we do today…

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  1. Bob Watson says:

    The wing DO at Randolph when I arrived at the PIT squadron in 1984 was a former boss of mine when I was on the HQ DO staff and a friend of mine. The night before my L/C board was released, he called my house and asked to speak to my wife. When she answered, he said, “I am just calling to find out how you feel about sleeping with a L/C tonight!” That is how I learned of my promotion and needless to say we slept well that night.

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