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There was always that moment of “contemplation” before a mission.  Always.  Briefings had been completed.  Personal equipment checked.  The pre-departure visit to the Men’s room.  Occasionally, nervous banter in the step-van on the way to the jet; or sometimes we just sat in silence.   Greeting the Crew Chief, checking the aircraft forms and the walk-around.  Then up the ladder and into the jet – to strap in and conduct the cockpit preflight check.  And after all of that; “contemplation.”  

Those moments, no matter how brief, or how long, were when we had the opportunity to just sit and reflect upon the mission – or upon occasion, on other things.  Often I would just silently sit there in the jet, lost in “contemplation;” present to the realization of just how blessed I was – to be doing what I always wanted to do as a kid!  

Sure I miss the “yanking’ and banking,’ but more than that I miss just sitting there in the jet – watching the activity on the flight line and just contemplating…sometimes, reflecting…

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  1. Steve says:

    thought you missed the ‘bounce and tilt’ more *Grins*

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