Over the past 18 months, or so, I have been remiss in writing.  There has been SO MUCH that has transpired.  I met a wonderful woman, began an exciting courtship, bought an RV, began a MAJOR home renovation, got married and am now finding myself with a bit more time to write.

I never knew how much I missed writing; I never knew how much I enjoyed writing – so brace yourself!  I have a great deal to share with you….

Cheers!  Bob


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4 Responses to Re-Engaging!

  1. Pat Tyree says:

    Welcome Back. While you were gone this 62 y/o former navigator earned his private pilot wings and started a new novel.

  2. Rick Ruehs says:

    Is this the same Bob I served with at Randolph before I went to Australia as an exchange officer?

    • Cheeta17 says:

      Hey Rick, I don’t know if you received my reply a couple-3 days ago or not… I was at RND from Jul ’82 – Jul ’88, when I retired. I did not know that you went to Australia… Cheers, Bob

  3. Bill Fier says:

    Congratulations Bob. If you and your new bride find your way to Central Texas in the new RV we would enjoy seeing you. If the WX is good we’ll go for a ride in our wing’s T-6 Texan. Check it out @

    Merry Christmas!
    Jane & Bill Fier

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