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Those Deep Blue Eyes

Every now and then I hear a story that’s just too good not to include. This is one to them… Last week I was down to San Antonio, TX for a gathering of former ‘Cheetahs;’ members of the 560th Flying … Continue reading

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Let’s Make This Look Good…

We were on a T-38A 2-ship formation approach to RWY 17R at Vance AFB, OK one afternoon. Geoff K. was the IP in the lead aircraft, flying with Marty C. I was on Geoff’s left wing with Steve S. The … Continue reading

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Bounce and Tilt…

(Submitted by Rat) Rat came into my office one day with look of total bewilderment on his face. He had just flown with a Tweet (T-37) IP from across the base, who was on his way to F-16s. Sitting down … Continue reading

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A Lot of Barges on that Lake…

(Submitted by Rat) Spectacular Fall day, flying VR route out to the west of un-named UPT base in NE Mississippi with a good guy – excellent student. He’d trimmed his low-level chart down to within about an inch of the … Continue reading

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“I Guess the Check Ride is Over?”

Years ago, at Vance AFB, OK, this kid was on a check ride in the T-37. As he and his check pilot completed the pre-flight walk around, it began to rain. They both quickly hopped in the jet and began … Continue reading

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“Oh, Bewdy!”

One afternoon I was flying in a 4-ship of T-38s at Vance AFB, OK. It was a beautiful day and we were really enjoying ourselves. The mission was going quite well, the students all doing fine. At one point I … Continue reading

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Tattoo at the Taj: Running Out of Airspeed, and Ideas

As the ceremony came to a close, just after the playing of Taps, the Taj would be lit up in Red, White and Blue colored lighting. Then a lone T-38 would come from behind, light the Burners and climb into … Continue reading

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Take the Afternoon Off and Go…

I was talking with (callsign) Spongebob the other day. He currently a T-6 IP, on duty as a Lt. Col. Reserve officer on leave from the airlines. So, he’s having the time of his life! A couple-3 weeks ago he … Continue reading

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“Now, Get Out of the Car!”

There once was a Wing Commander at Randolph AFB, TX who was a “Piece of Work!” One Friday afternoon he was driving around the base in his staff car when he spied a couple of Captains walking toward the Officer’s … Continue reading

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“A Big Gray One, Sir…”

Some of my favorite rides in T-38 PIT (Pilot Instructor Training) as an instructor were the “syllabus” rides we flew with the students. These were rides wherein we (IPs) flew as UPT (undergraduate pilot training) students, and our PIT students … Continue reading

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