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I Did, Have a Plan!

I did, have a plan – to quit drinking… When I was a kid, maybe in the late 50’s, early 60’s, I saw an old black-and-white movie where this guy goes to his family doctor for a physical.  When the … Continue reading

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(Keep in mind, I am writing here for my Grand Kids…) “Sequestration was a program initiated by Dear Leader, President Obama, to force the Congress into passing a budget that largely would go his way.  It was designed to hurt … Continue reading

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Bees in the Haus – 1

It is interesting to watch how these guys work.  (These ‘guys,’ the worker bees, are actually ‘gals.’)  And they began drawing comb right from the beginning. The first task they had was to free the queen from the queen cage.  … Continue reading

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Bees in the Haus

I tried to raise bees in the house last year, in an observation hive, and it didn’t go well at all.  They all left.  I wondered all winter if it was something I said?  Then I discovered I did not … Continue reading

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Meeting Henry

Dining Ins are very formal dinners for military folks, and they are held for various occasions.  The tradition can be traced back to the days of the Vikings and was made popular in ‘recent’ times by General H.H. (Hap) Arnold … Continue reading

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Euphemism: ‘Depart the Fix…’

In flying we are occasionally assigned to ‘hold’ at designated ‘holding fixes’ along our route of flight.  And on Instrument Approaches there are often holding fixes depicted – not always used, but depicted just the same.  There are many reasons … Continue reading

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A ‘Don’

So, you are driving along at the posted speed limit and all of a sudden you notice this pair of headlights in your rear view mirror.  Real close, and kinda high.  They are attached to an oversized Dodge Ram pickup, … Continue reading

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Keep Your Distance, Stranger

Keep Your Distance, Stranger keep your distance Stranger, …stay away! i can sense your interest, …in wondering if i will play. into my life you have all come. friends, foes and lovers, …one by one. i have played with you, … Continue reading

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A Nation of Law?

We profess to be a ‘Nation of Law(s),’ and at one time, we might have been.  I don’t think we are anymore… From my observation people today tend to follow only the laws that suit them.  If a ‘law’ is … Continue reading

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I am reading a book, “Grandfather,” by Tom Brown.  It’s a book about a Native American’s search for truth and harmony with nature.  I am just about finished with it… I have gravitated toward Native American spirituality here in sobriety.  … Continue reading

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